ECO-LAWYER – An annual competition for law students on Russian and International environmental legislation.


The aim of the competition is to improve the environment by creating a community of active young people able to defend environmental rights using legal means and civic campaigns.


Objectives of the competition:

– to attract youth to environmental law;

– to motivate youth to participate in environmental activities;

– to increase skills of young professionals in environmental law.


The competition consists of theoretical, practical and creative tasks. To pass a theoretical task participants should answer an online questionnaire on Russian and International environmental legislation. Practical task consists of an essay on violations of environmental rights and a preparation of a legal document on the real case. The creative task is an essay on the most urgent environmental problem for Russia, Europe or the World.


Jury of the competition consists of Russian experts in envionmental legislation, representatives of authorities and public figures – environmental policy makers.


The competition is organized by the Environmental Rights Centre BELLONA with support of the magazine Environment and Rights, the magazine GEO, AcademConsult agency and the English language school Languages International.


First ECO-LAWYER was held in 2009. Since then its popularity is raising each year. Number of participant has increased to more than 2500 students from all over Russia annually. Since 2011 the competition has a constant sponsor – an educational company AcademConsult. They provide the main prise for the winner – an English language study programme abroad. Best students are invited to conferences and seminars on environmental rights, organized by Bellona.



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